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Using positive, meaningful media to enhance lives

Wholesome magazines, books, movies and videos can help change lives for the better. They can also be among the best and most economical relationship builders and marketing tools we can use for ourselves and our companies.

Presenting books as gifts can prove to be a powerful relationship builder. Here at BIC Alliance, we began giving books, magazine subscriptions, inspirational movies and even theater passes to our family, friends, staff, marketing partners, readers of our publications, and those who use our IVS Investment Banking and BIC Recruiting services.

In 2005, BIC Media Solutions began publishing our own inspirational and educational books and producing events, not only for ourselves but in partnerships with others. It has been said individuals and publishers don’t always make money from every book they publish, but they can make money from being renowned as a publisher.

If you read a book that could help others, I recommend purchasing several copies of it to share with your staff and present as gifts of appreciation. You’ll often receive the greatest discounts on books or DVDs if they are purchased by the case. Hundreds of copies of our most popular books — including “Earl’s Pearls: Jewels of Wisdom Worth Passing On,” “Michael Learns To Listen” and “Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes: Leaving a Legacy” — have been purchased in bulk or by the case over the years. Now many individuals and companies have invested in our latest book and DVD, titled “Rock Bottom and Back™,” to foster relationships and use for public outreach.

I want to share a few more reasons why wholesome books and films make great gifts and relationship builders. Giving the right books and films is important. In a way, a book or movie defines the taste and values of the giver. People appreciate premiums that flatter their intelligence, and the right book or movie can do this. They elicit emotions and responses other promotional items cannot. They can motivate consumers to invest in other products and services. Lastly, books and movies are excellent to use as fundraisers and to recognize folks for supporting a nonprofit, church, school or community-related event.

“There are many ways in which reading books can enhance the readers’ lives, in addition to mental stimulation, entertainment and education,” said Brian Jud, executive director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales and author of “How to Make Real Money Selling Books.” “Among them are the facts that reading can help reduce stress, improve conversation skills and increase one’s vocabulary. And being a reader means you’re more likely to learn something new.”

In 2011, BIC Media Solutions published “Turner Industries: Fifty Years of Industrial Innovation,” a custom book about the Louisiana-based maintenance, construction and industrial services contractor founded in 1961 by the late Bert S. Turner.

“We continue to use the book on a regular basis to familiarize new employees and prospective clients with Turner Industries’ rich history,” said Tobie Craig, vice president of marketing and workforce development strategies at Turner Industries. “Our book tells the story of who we are and how we came to be better than any other format we’ve tried. Everyone who has read it has commented on how they found it very interesting in addition to being informative.”

To find out how BIC Media Solutions can help you develop custom books, movies or videos, or to order our books and movies for internal or promotional purposes, contact Earl Heard at (800) 460-4242 or email For more information about “Rock Bottom and Back,” visit Bulk order discounts are available.