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The Power of Networking brings together who’s who of networking

I am excited and proud to send share this article about our latest Earl’s Pearls career enhancement TV series entitled “The Power of Networking.“ This is a one of a kind series that will help everyone who watches and practices these Pearls of Wisdom benefit in every facet of their life. Today you will see the Superconnectors we interviewed and tomorrow we will share “The Power of Networking“ beginning with our staff, the Superconnectors we interviewed then our Fellow BICSTERS ! Thanks to all who helped make this Earl’s Pearls TV series possible. – Earl B. Heard, CEO and Founder, BIC Alliance and BIC Media Solutions.

BIC Media Solutions is releasing two new TV series: “The Power of Networking” and “Champions of Christian Networking.”

“The Power of Networking” shares anecdotes, experiences and wisdom from entrepreneurs, business owners, motiva- tional speakers, executives, media producers and more.

“When we launched BIC Alliance — BIC Media’s parent company — in 1983, our primary mission was to connect individuals for mutual benef it,” said Earl Heard, founder and CEO of BIC Media Solutions. “This mission still holds true today. I believe networking goes beyond the workplace and should be a part of everything we do in our lives. I like to think of networking as ‘getting together to get ahead,’ and it can be accomplished anytime and anywhere. I’m thrilled to be able to include all these ‘superconnectors’ in ‘The Power of Networking.’”

Provicom, a state-of-the-art video pro- duction company based in Houston, is partnering with BMS to produce “The Power of Networking.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to chair numerous organizations, and in every instance, networking has been essential,” said Dan Borné of LCA (retired). “The poet John Donne said, ‘No man is an island.’ Whether it’s a trade association, insurance company, hospital corporation, etc., all these entities exist and thrive through the networks they have established with others. It seems so obvious to say it: You have to go out and find connectors.”

“I network innately all the time,” said Kerry Siggins of StoneAge. “When I’m at an event, I can’t wait to meet interesting and fascinating people. I might be able to create a new connection for someone or find out something about myself I didn’t know. I’ve weaved networking into my career and throughout my life.”

“Networking shouldn’t be complicated, because giving is the way we get,” said Luis Aguilar of Houston Area Safety Council. “We have to connect to benefit our lives and the lives of others. The Houston Area Safety Council has an outreach position. We are always trying to help our members and connect them, while sharing best practices.”

“There are two aspects to being a very good network artist,” said Kevin Hilton of IMPACT. “No. 1 is realizing every- one wants to talk to someone else. We’re humans, and we’re social creatures. No. 2, and maybe even more importantly, you have to understand it’s not about you; it’s about the person you’re talking to. How can you or your organization help that other person? Once you get in that mind- set, you might be able to create a business opportunity.”

“Before deciding to produce ‘The Power of Networking,’ I invested a lot of time and energy reading many books about networking,” Heard said. “I read Scott Gerber’s ‘Superconnector’ book before I reached out to him, and I personally reviewed every audio or video clip I could find about networking. I did my research on the people we’ve included in this video.

“There is nothing that comes close to ‘The Power of Networking’ in terms of the number of superconnectors featured and the quality of its content. This is truly a one-of-a-kind video, and it will benefit all who invest the time to watch it. I also rec- ommend reading Scott’s book and ‘Earl’s Pearls,’ which can be downloaded for free.”

BMS is also launching “Champions of Christian Networking.” This series will feature insights and pearls of wisdom from dozens of powerful and engaging Christian leaders.

“Champions of Christian Networking” features interviews with celebrities including Kevin Sorbo (actor) and Samantha Sorbo (talk show host), Jarred Coates (producer of “God’s Not Dead”), Jamie Grace (Grammy- nominated musician) and many more.

“Champions of Christian Networking” is being co-produced by Baltimore-based DBM Films and directed by Doug Maddox. It will air on Christian broadcasting networks and platforms across the country, including Upliftv and Parables TV.