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The making of ‘Rock Bottom and Back’

“Rock Bottom and Back — From Desperation to Inspiration” is a collaborative effort by many folks who are as devoted as I am to inspiring others through books, magazines and films.

Throughout my life, I have experienced the most joy and personal fulfillment when I have helped other people. Along the way, I have learned that when people feel alone, abandoned and afraid, they are more vulnerable to making poor choices. Knowing that someone cares, help is available and others share their experiences can make a real difference to someone who is hitting rock bottom. That knowledge led to the idea of creating “Rock Bottom and Back.” However, I knew I would need partners who shared my vision. Each person involved in this project dedicated tremendous effort toward helping me create something that has the potential to change many lives for the better.

For the writing of the book, I enlisted the help of Susan Mustafa, a New York Times bestselling author whom I met 15 years ago when she worked with me at BIC Alliance as an editor. I knew she would be the perfect partner on this project. She has a unique ability to help people express their pains as well as their triumphs, and this book reflects her talent for telling stories honestly and empathetically.

Rose Gladner, BIC Alliance’s media manager, has also been an invaluable asset to this project. She helped orchestrate the development of both the book and its companion DVD by helping me choose people whose stories would be the most powerful. She coordinated with everyone involved to ensure we produced something that would be meaningful and impactful.

Danny Trejo and YASNY Entertainment Rock Bottom and BackTracy and Daniel Balsz, co-founders of YASNY Entertainment in Los Angeles, soon became our West Coast media partners. YASNY Entertainment is developing a pilot pitch and sizzle reel to introduce and sell the “Rock Bottom and Back” television series to television networks. Recently, YASNY completed production on the celebrity talent segment of the sizzle reel and DVD, which features actor Danny Trejo as the narrator. YASNY is also creating our website to ensure this book and film reach the widest audience possible.

Mission Media and Stanley Roberts Rock Bottom and BackWhile this project was still underway, we also partnered with David Bottner and Steven Scaffidi at The New Orleans Mission to help produce our DVD and film interviews with some of the people featured in the book. The New Orleans Mission is a homeless shelter that offers its guests the opportunity to attain job skills, including media production. Already, “Rock Bottom and Back” is helping homeless people learn new skills that will enable them to become self-sufficient.

For more information about “Rock Bottom and Back,” visit or call (800) 460-4242.