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The Continuation of a New Chapter – Business Update May


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After featuring a two-page spread about BIC Alliance’s 35th anniversary in our April issue, I decided I’d like to share a few personal and professional highlights of my first year in Texas. My wife, Bodi, and I relo- cated from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to League City, Texas, last April.

In April 2018, BIC Alliance held its 12th Annual Industry Appreciation Crawfish Boil & Jambalaya Dinner in La Porte, Texas, where I signed books and movies for our guests. Last April, BIC Media Solutions also showed its newest film, “Urban Country,” at the Louisiana International Film Festival. “Urban Country” is a faith-based/family-friendly film and stars Lou Diamond Phillips, C. Thomas Howell and Brighton Sharbino.


In early May 2018, I attended the Oilfield Christian Fellowship’s (OCF’s) annual prayer breakfast during the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. At this event, I was able to donate books and movies, as I do every year, which can be used as fundraising items to help purchase Bibles for OCF to distribute. In May, BIC Media Solutions also served as a sponsor of the Keels & Wheels Concours d’El- egance event, a classic car and vintage wooden boat show, in Seabrook, Texas. With the help of Provicom, BIC Media Solutions filmed and produced a video about the Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance event.

Unfortunately, during May of last year, I suffered a minor stroke that led to the discovery of some serious heart issues. As a result, I’ve had to change my lifestyle and diet. During this hospital stay, I decided that if I was blessed to live, I wanted to devote more time to my family and serving God and others through “Media That Matters.” This includes re-releasing and revising “It’s What We Do Together That Counts: The BIC Alliance Story.” LaunchPad Writing + Research’s Ted Moon is co-authoring the book with me. This revised edition will tell the ongoing story of BIC Alliance and its strategic entities. I’ll use “It’s What We Do Together That Counts” to continue to draw upon my life and business experiences, and the book is expected to be released sometime this year.

During last summer, I also became a member of the Sailing Angels Foundation, a charitable organization composed of experienced volunteer sailors based in the Greater Houston area. The Sailing Angels Foundation introduces sailing, in the form of recreation- al therapy and education, to children with physical and developmental disabilities. In honor of Veterans Day last year, BIC Media Solutions and the Sailing Angels Foundation held a Heroes Recognition Cruise in Kemah, Texas, to celebrate and remember veterans, first responders and wounded warriors. More than 250 people and 25 boats attended the cruise.

We have now released two new TV shows: “The Power of Networking” and “Champions of Christian Networking.” BIC Media Solutions partnered with Provicom to produce “The Power of Networking,” and “Champions of Christian Networking” is co-produced by Baltimore-based DBM Films and directed by Doug Maddox. “The Power of Networking” most recently aired on FOX 26 in Houston. We’ve also relaunched our popular “Leisure Connection” magazine, this time as a new regional TV series that showcases the best in lifestyle experiences, locations and events you, your friends and family can enjoy together. Two episodes of “Leisure Connection” have been produced so far: one on the Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance event and the other on the Heroes Recognition Cruise.

I’m also participating in a few more speak ing engagements. I recently conducted my Alligator Management & Marketing seminar for Sprint Industrial Holdings’ management team, which included Sprint CEO Sandy Scott and Sprint Vice President of Sales and Marketing Drew Lowery. Scott is also featured in “The Power of Networking.” I recently spoke at a prison in Texas about going to “rock bottom and back” and was able to show our film, “Rock Bottom and Back: From Desperation to Inspiration,” as well.

We have also formed new relationships and partnerships this past year. BIC Media Solutions is partnering with Crossflix to stream our inspirational films and shows. Crossflix is a family-friendly channel with hundreds of Christian films, including Christian movies, new releases, documentaries and educational content. We are also forming a partnership with The WorkFaith Connection, a Christ- centered organization that encourages disadvantaged job seekers in their hope for a better future and equips them with the skills and beliefs to gain employment. I recently met with John Finch, author and producer of “The Father Effect,” and my plan is to help him promote and broadcast this book and film to a larger audience.

In closing, even though Bodi and I aren’t traveling as much, we are still enjoying life to the fullest, and BIC Media Solutions is busy with several projects as well. I’m spending more time helping others find greater faith, hope, peace, happiness and success through BIC Media Solutions’ books, films, TV shows and our speakers bureau. Thanks to all who have made this past year a success and who have helped BIC Media Solutions produce “Media That Matters.”

For more information about BIC Media Solutions’ events, books or TV shows, contact Earl Heard at earlheard@ or call (281) 538-9996