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Rock Bottom and Back Series Launches on UPLIFTv – Direct TV Channel

BIC Media’s Rock Bottom and Back inspirational docu-series, hosted by Danny Trejo, launches today on UpLift TV, a Direct TV inspirational TV network.  The 30-minute program features David Bottner, Founder of the New Orleans Mission, and Christian motorcycle evangelist Billy Rivers.  Hear their stories of redemption and finding their way up from rock bottom.   BIC Media Solutions is also offering a collection of books and DVD’s from their Media That Matters library as a reward package for a $75 donation to UpLift TV to further Christian and inspirational programming.  Watch the show for your opportunity to win this great gift package to include a copy of Rock Bottom and Back book and DVD, Michael Learns to Listen Children’s book, Earl’s Pearls inspirational book – all written by Earl B. Heard, CEO/Founder of BIC Media Solutions, and the  inspirational feature film (DVD) A GIFT HORSE, produced by BIC Media Solutions.

Air dates:

April 16 – 12:00 PM

April 17 – 9:00 AM

April 18 – 6:00 PM

April 19 – 9:30 AM

April 20 – 8:00 PM

April 21 – 6:30 PM

April 22 – 10:30 PM

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