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Media that Matters Display August 2018

We welcome Kim Guerra & the Houston Family Magazine family as our newest BMS media partner. We have added the HFM logo to our media partners listing on our website and included the latest issue into our “ Media That Matters “ Library. We are also beginning to include HFM when we do bonus distribution in the Greater Houston area and beyond. Between the BIC Magazine and HFM we will have over 220, 000 readers in the Greater Houston area plus BIC Magazine will reach another 100,000 plus across North America and beyond. Of course both can also be read cover to cover globally on their individual websites.  Hopefully one day by working together we will have these “ Media That Matters “ displays with inspirational and entertaining magazines, books and films in hundreds then thousands of homes, schools, churches , hospitals, organizations and business and industry locations across the Gulf Coast and beyond ! Blessings to All! Earl Heard