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Helping Louisiana flood victims


btp_2809 btp_2811 rbandb-br-039 rbandb-br-009 rbandb-br-034BIC Helping Louisiana flood victims was the purpose of BIC Media Solutions free event Saturday, November 12, benefitting the flood victims of the Baton Rouge community, with a screening of the of inspirational film Rock Botton and Back and a free Rock Bottom and Back book giveaway and book signing.    The event was designed specifically to provide positive and inspirational feedback from several of the heroes in the book, who happen to be Baton Rouge residents.

Guests of honor included:

Moderated by Mr. Earl Heard (CEO, BIC Alliance).  Distinguished guests included Susan Mustafa (co-author), Steve Scaffidi (Mission Media / Director) and our heroes: Tonya Myles, Billy Rivers, Ken Paxton, George Mills, Mindy Crane and Stanley Roberts.

Watch the Facebook live-stream video of the Q&A after the screening.  Follow us on Facebook