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Heard continuing to tell stories through BIC Media Solutions

Earl Heard IVS Investment BankingSince day one, Earl Heard, founder and CEO of BIC Alliance, always had a passion for reading and telling great stories. In fact, nearly everything BIC Alliance is involved in has a story behind it. There’s even a story as to why Heard started BIC Media Solutions after already having great success with BIC Magazine, BIC Recruiting and IVS Investment Banking. In this recent interview with Heard, we learn more about the history of BIC Media Solutions, the numerous inspirational, faith-friendly projects it’s been working on and what’s next for the company.

Q: What led you to start BIC Media Solutions?

A: I have always had a passion for watching and reading inspirational books, movies and TV programs. In 2005, we launched BIC Media Solutions for custom book publishing, event planning and keynote speaking, and in 2013 we expanded into media investments. But I had the idea of publishing books many years ago when I met Joseph J. Jacobs, who wrote “The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur: Family, Culture, and Ethics.” Mr. Jacobs was so passionate about the life lessons in his book and such a dynamic speaker. I bought a case of his books to share with our staff and to present as gifts of appreciation to our associates, marketing partners and industry leaders we met or interviewed for BIC Magazine. Each contained a personal note addressed to the individual recipient. I knew at that time, if I ever became successful one day, I would publish books to thank all of these people and to help inspire and educate others.

We believe every great story needs telling. The whole idea of BIC Media Solutions is to help produce inspirational books, films and videos that tell great stories. We published our first book, “It’s What We Do Together That Counts,” 10 years ago, which received positive feedback, and it was a great relationship builder. Then I started to receive more inquiries about books for other people in the industry. This is how “Energy Entrepreneurs” came to be, which highlighted several individuals, and we offered this book with custom covers for each person featured in it.

Q: What’s been happening with BIC Media Solutions lately? What are some of the projects you’ve been working on?

A: In 2013, BIC Media Solutions expanded into media investments with a stake in Scene Magazine. Because Scene is in the film and entertainment industry, this allowed BIC Media Solutions to make successful strides into producing inspirational, faith-friendly films. BIC Media Solutions funded and co-produced its first feature film in 2014, “A Gift Horse,” starring John Schneider, which is currently available in Walmart and LifeWay stores, and on DVD and Video On Demand services — Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Netflix, etc. For a complete list of ways to watch “A Gift Horse,” visit

After “A Gift Horse” was a success, my IVS Investment Banking partner John Zapalac and I found others in the energy and private equity sectors who are interested in inspirational, faith-friendly films or books. BIC Media Solutions is now involved in the funding and co-production of “Project Pearl,” which is about the 1981 operation that smuggled 1 million Bibles into China.

BIC Media Solutions’ latest project, titled “Rock Bottom and Back,” includes a book and TV pilot. “Rock Bottom and Back” will chronicle the experiences of 12 men and women who overcame seemingly insurmountable adversities to become successful in their business and personal lives. Having been to rock bottom and back myself, this project is extremely close to my heart. The people featured in “Rock Bottom and Back” went from desperation to inspiration, and it is being shopped to TV networks as a pilot for a potential series. The book, “Rock Bottom and Back,” can also have custom covers for each individual featured in it.

Q: What does the future have in store for BIC Media Solutions?

A: Our primary mission at BIC Alliance has been to connect key decision makers with each other for the betterment of all. We’ve been doing this for the past 30-plus years and now we’re going to do the same thing with BIC Media Solutions but with inspirational and faith-related media.

In order to continue to build relationships, I’m speaking at several film festivals. I already presented at the New Orleans Film Festival and the Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio. Recently, I spoke at the Christian Media Association’s Media Summit in Dallas, where I presented on how to find investors for your film.

BIC Media Solutions has also partnered with Launch Media to produce “Energy Marketing 101,” which is a short video that talks about the connection among upstream, midstream and downstream energy sectors, and highlights the best conferences to attend and associations to join. “Energy Marketing 101” should be out by the time this issue is published. I’m very excited to see the response from this video.

In regards to BIC Media Solutions’ website, we are working with Brian Rodriguez and Gatorworks to make the website more dynamic. BIC Media Solutions’ website will have several video components on it such as movie trailers, informational videos like “Energy Marketing 101” and testimonials.

BIC Alliance is also thrilled to open its new, expanded office in League City, Texas. This new office in League City will even feature a media center for video presentations, and other companies such as nonprofit organizations can use the center as a resource.

Q: What’s an interesting fact about BIC Media Solutions’ history?

A: If you look at all of the books we’ve published and read about the other projects BIC Media Solutions has been working on, you can see how diverse it has become in just 10 years. I’m still surprised about the vast number and different kinds of projects BIC Media Solutions has been a part of. Our success has been built on having others find greater peace, happiness and success.

To learn more about BIC Media Solutions and its upcoming opportunities, contact Earl Heard or Rose Gladner at (800) 460-4242 or visit