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Guidance on preparing workplaces for Coronavirus pandemic

My name is Earl Heard and I am the Founder & CEO of the BIC Alliance publisher of BIC Magazine and BIC Media Solutions where our mission is to connect individuals for the betterment of all. We accomplish this mission by producing “Media and Events That Matter.”

In the past few weeks the coronavirus has grown into a global crisis. Like any other crisis it must be addressed with calmness, cooperation and effective communication between all individuals globally. A crisis is defined as an unstable time or state of affairs in which decisive change is impending especially one that has a distinct possibility of an undesirable outcome. Often  media can cause a negative effect that leads to hysteria. At other times it can be among our greatest resources for being prepared.

The purpose of this short presentation is to help bring greater peace and calm to all and to provide a few tips and preventive suggestions that are vital in all crisis whether they are natural or man made. First and foremost it is vital that leaders act like leaders and not only know how to react to crisis by being well informed and prepared. We also need  be role models for others in our family, workplace, community and globally.

Let’s begin with some pearls of wisdom from the Bible “ Fear Not” & “ Love God and Our Neighbor” and from President Franklin D  Roosevelt “ Our Greatest Fear is Fear Itself.” As it relates to the Covid-19 virus we need to address it like any other crisis and that means calmness and having a crisis management plan. There are many excellent crisis managements plans and tips but the one I want to focus on today is from OSHA entitled  “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic.” It’s a bit outdated but still relevant today. I  also want to mention that many of these tips apply to our own family but here area few more:

1- Don’t Worry so much about the crisis but how you and your family will address it.

2- Be sure to use the wisdom and suggestions of others that you can find on line and through trusted media resources.

3- Lead by example by showing calmness and having a written plan of action. Also be sure that everyone understands the plan and their specific role in it.

4. Have a family and/or a company meeting that reviews the plan and allows time for questions and answers.

5- Show our love for mankind by staying calm , well informed and share important information with others.


In closing we will post this information on our BIC Magazine ( ) and BMS ( ) websites immediately and will also produce a short video that you can review and share with others. Also please feel free to contact us if you need help with communicating your message to others through our media and networking capability.

Lastly our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and your endeavors.

Blessings to All,

Earl Heard
Founder & CEO
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