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Filming Keels and Wheels Episode 1 of Leisure Connection

BIC Media Solutions is launching a new television series under the working title of Leisure Connection.  Our pilot episode was shot this weekend at the Keels and Wheels Concours d’Elegance, classic car and boat show in Houston.  The show concept – to experience the journey of those that enjoy life to the fullest and to visit the amazing places, events, and experiences that our country has to offer.

Keels and Wheels highlights:

Our production team – BIC Media Solutions and Provicom TV.













Shown here are Billy Cain, Earl Heard and Jackie and Jon Hodges at Keels and Wheels. The Lincoln in the background was donated as a raffle car and fundraiser for Today’s Harbor for Children. The event was filmed by BIC Media Solutions and Provicom as part of the Leisure Connection TV series.