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Farewell to our friend Sonny Anderson, RIP

Dear BIC Alliance/BIC Media Solutions marketing partners and friends,

It is with great sadness to announce BIC Alliance’s longtime friend, Reuel Lacy “Sonny” Anderson Jr., passed away on Friday at the age of 88. In addition to being a longtime mentor and colleague of mine, Sonny was among BIC’s strongest supporters and helped the company survive during our most challenging times. Sonny was a legend in the industry, founding several successful companies. He began his career in the industrial-insulation contracting business with Aber Insulation Inc. In 1962, a local Baton Rouge branch of Aber Insulation became ANCO Insulation Inc. ANCO Insulation grew to be one of the largest industrial insulation contractors in the country. Other businesses founded by him were Southern Equipment in 1966, Scaffolding Rental & Erection Services in 1967 and FAMCO Enterprises in 1968 (co-founder). He also co-founded Distribution International in 1986 and was still active in the business as a co-founder of Louisiana CSI LLC in October 2005.

Sonny’s full obituary can be found here.

BIC Alliance would like to invite everyone to keep Sonny’s friends and family in their thoughts and prayers.


Earl Heard

Founder and CEO

BIC Alliance