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Enhance Lives, Build Better Relationships

As most of you know, our mission at BIC Alliance for the past 35-plus years has always been to “connect people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all.” We accomplish this by publishing BIC Magazine and other “Media That Matters” as well as hosting networking events and making personal introductions and referrals.

In addition to helping connect indi- viduals with one another through our publications and networking events, we also help connect buyers and sellers of industrial service companies through IVS Investment Banking and those who seek the best jobs or candidates through BIC Recruiting.

At BIC Media Solutions — another entity in the BIC Alliance family of companies — we take enhancing lives and building better personal, company or community relationships to the next level. At BIC Media, our mission is to help “create more fans for your brand.”

Through my 50-plus years of conducting management, sales and market- ing presentations and acting as a key- note speaker at numerous events, I have shared the “people secret” with many. Simply put, the “people secret” is that beyond our essential needs of food and shelter, a person also needs recognition. When we make others No. 1, they tend to respond in kind. This is called “the law of reciprocity,” and this law has been around since the beginning of time.

But how do we begin using the “people secret” to enhance lives and build better relationships for us and those we love and care about? For me, this has been very simple because I have a passion for continuous learning and training others. I will continue to share “Earl’s Pearls” in BIC Magazine articles, and you can also learn more by reading our books, watching our films or attending some of my speaking events.

On a side note, I would encourage everyone to learn and master the art of listening, which you can do by reading BIC Media’s book “Michael Learns to Listen.” It’s a book geared toward children, but all ages can learn from it. You’re never too old to improve your listening skills!

On, there are several videos — “How to get along with your boss,” “Leadership tips,” “Becoming a better person in 12 easy steps,” etc. — which are free and part of the “Earl’s Pearl’s” video series.

After using meaningful media such as books and movies as a way of recog- nizing and showing gratitude to others for decades, we launched BIC Media Solutions in 2005 so we could publish our own books. Since 2014, we’ve expanded BIC Media Solutions to produce films, TV shows, videos and a speakers bureau.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use “Media That Matters” to enhance lives and build better relationships:

1. Books and f ilms def ine the tastes and values of the giver.

2. People appreciate gifts that flatter their intelligence.

3. Wholesome, family-friendly books and movies elicit emotional responses that other gifts sometimes don’t.

4. Books and movies offer mental stim- ulation, entertainment and education.

5. Books and movies can help reduce stress, improve conversation and increase a person’s vocabulary.

6. We are more likely to learn some- thing new and valuable if we read an educational book or watch an educational movie.

7. Reading about or viewing how others achieved great happiness or success or dealt with challenges can help us make better decisions.

8. The joy of giving and receiving a book or movie that can enhance a life will be appreciated, remembered and shared for years.

9. Great books and movies are often taken home and shared with our families, churches, organizations and community.

10. Great books and movies are timeless.

BIC Media Solutions is releasing an updated version of its first book, “It’s What We Do Together That Counts.” This revised edition will tell the ongoing story of BIC Alliance and its strategic entities. It will also include insights into the success of more than 100 executives, entre- preneurs and others representing differ- ent businesses and sectors of industry. Drawing upon many years of life experiences, “It’s What We Do Together That Counts” shows that any form of adversity can be overcome through hard work, perseverance and kindness to others. It will be available in print on Amazon. com and and digitally through Kindle eBooks. It will also be available through Audible for those who enjoy listening to their favor- ite books. The book is expected to be released soon.

In closing, I hope these “Earl’s Pearls” about how books, movies and “Media That Matters” help build relationships and enhance lives will be beneficial to you and those you care about and love.