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Danny Trejo to host ‘Rock Bottom and Back’

The new docu-reality television series and companion book “Rock Bottom and Back” by BIC Media Solutions chronicle the personal stories of people from all walks of life who have overcome insurmountable adversities — from celebrities to not-so-famous ordinary people. Their stories are heartfelt, authentic and real.

BIC Media Solutions has enlisted Hollywood film actor Danny Trejo, who will host the “Rock Bottom and Back” docu-series and DVD that is also available. After a troubled childhood and extensive prison time, Trejo turned his life around and has now appeared in approximately 200 films.

Earl Heard, founder and CEO of BIC Alliance, hopes the stories in “Rock Bottom and Back” will inspire people everywhere to pursue their dreams no matter their circumstances.

“People like myself, Danny Trejo and those featured in ‘Rock Bottom and Back’ survived and flourished, and now we want to help others do the same,” Heard said.

The companion book with the same title, written by New York Times best-selling author Susan Mustafa, and the DVD will be released in June. Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing consultant Tracy Balsz has been commissioned to assist BIC Media Solutions in branding and bringing awareness to “Rock Bottom and Back.” Mission Media Productions is co-producing the docu-series and DVD, and enlisting the less fortunate to work on the project.

For more information about pre-release discounts when purchasing books and DVDs by the case, visit, or contact Earl Heard or Rose Gladner at (800) 460-4242.