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Boomer Connection TV Episode 1 review

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There are more than 74 million adults over the age of 55 currently living in the United States.  This ‘Baby Boomer’ generation is the largest living adult demographic.  It is also the most affluent, controlling close to 75% of today’s disposable income.

One thing this group agrees on – there’s precious little television programming geared towards their interests on any of the hundreds of channels and streaming options.  Earl Heard, the 77-year-old Founder and CEO of BIC Media Solutions, a Houston-based media company, decided to do something about this.  He created Boomer Connection TV and expedited its program production for seniors by seniors to begin running during the coronavirus “Stay at Home” edict. Boomer Connection is launching in Houston on CW39 (KIAH Channel 39) on Saturday, April 25 at 11am. The show also airs nationally on UPTV and The Dove Channel streaming networks.

This half-hour weekly television series shares fun, inspirational and motivational experiences of the baby boomer generation and beyond.  It showcases senior careers, retirement, and leisure activities through the eyes of seniors. These are people devoting their time, expertise and resources to play a significant role in helping others find greater faith, hope, peace and happiness.

The inaugural episode of Boomer Connection is hosted by Gail Stolzenburg, a Houston-based speaker, author and success coach.  Gail interviews four celebrated seniors – highlighting their accomplishments from the past and revealing their future goals to inspire the viewing audience.

Zina Garrison is a former US Olympic Tennis Champion who, during her 15+ year professional career garnered 14 singles, 20 doubles and 3 mixed doubles titles along with 2 Wimbledon championships.  Zina now runs the Zina Garrison All-Court Tennis Program, a youth tennis camp for underprivileged children in Houston. She reveals her ‘giving’ approach to life came from watching, as a young child, her mother’s selfless generosity in the face of their own family difficulties.

Gail also interviews Red O’Loughlin, a retired Navy Captain and author of Longevity Secrets for Healthy Aging – How to live to 100, with the body of a healthy 50-year-old and the mind of a 25-year-old.  As his book title reveals, Red’s expertise is in health and wellness, specializing in longevity.  He works from the premise you have to treat the cause of a bodily problem to correct it.  Red is also an international speaker and independent publisher.

Gail’s third interview is with Dave McCabe, a major player in NASA’s Apollo moon landings program and now CEO of the nonprofit Sailing Angels Foundation.   This group of dedicated volunteer boat owners provide free sailing trips for special needs children, veterans and first responders.  These participants enjoy a truly unique, year-round “hydro-therapy” sailing experience where they can actually ‘sail’ the boat they’re in to the best of their abilities.

The final interviewee is John Erickson, CEO and Chairman of Erickson Retirement Communities and the creator of Retirement Living TV.  John developed and grew the concept of retirement communities on such a large and all-encompassing basis they became an achievable goal for a far broader range of the senior population.  He expresses his passion for providing top quality, moderate-income retirement housing in both Florida and Arizona by spending a lot of time ‘On Sight’ in his various developments.

This half hour program is fast moving, inspirational and motivational.  Episode 2 promises to keep up the interest and excitement level with interviews with the Pulitzer Prize nominated author and youngest ever Presidential Aid along with the man who brought Telemundo and Spanish language radio and TV to Houston.  Check back for my review of that broadcast in a couple of weeks.  Episode 2 airs in Houston on CW39 (KIAH Channel 39) on Saturday, May 9 at 11:30am.