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Boomer Connection in production – behind the scenes

We are back working and on set this week filming Episodes 3 and 4 of Boomer Connection TV.  We have a new guest host to introduce, Lori Farris, an expert consultant on Senior Resources and she introduces us to some amazing providers and influencers within the Boomer community.  We’ll be sharing some wonderful stories from sports celebrities to corporate presidents to psychologists to lawyers – all providing fantastic advice we can all learn from.

Joining us on the upcoming episodes include:

Termite Watkins – former pro boxer turned motivational speaker to tell us how to tell your own story to inspire others

John Hofmeister – former Shell Oil President and now heads the not-for-project association Citizens for Affordable Energy to tell us how to continue serving your community

Earl Heard – Executive Producer of Boomer Connection and his rock bottom and back story to now understanding how to create media that matters to provide people with better peace, happiness and faith in their business and personal lives

Kim Hegwood – Founder of Hegwood Law Group to help us develop retirement strategies

Dan Bawden – the owner of Legal Eagle Contractors who will help us learn how to renovate a home for senior living

Judy Blake from Family to Family Network that speaks on the importance of boomers supporting their children and grandchildren who have been diagnosed with a disability

Dr. Paul Loony, a board certified psychiatrist who explains the importance of connection grandchildren with their grandparents.

Marian Lasalle, a boomer influencer here to teach us how to live stream and podcast.


Watch the Boomer Connection Sizzle Reel here and stay tuned for air dates on the upcoming episodes.

We aired Episode 1 and 2 earlier this month locally on KIAH/CW Network and nationally on UPTV.  The Dove Channel will begin airing the show to 60,000,000 households in June.

If you have suggestions for stories, interviews or would like to become a sponsor, please reach out to Earl Heard at


Boomer Connection TV

Adam Hundley, Kim Hegwood (Hegwood Law Group), Producer Earl Heard, Lori Farris (host)

Boomer Connection TV

Dan Bawden (Legal Eagle Contractors), Judy Blake (Family to Family Network), Producer Earl Heard, Lori Farris (Host)

Boomer Connection TV

Producer Hiett Ives, celebrity “Termite” Watkins and his wife Cindy, and host Lori Farris

Boomer Connection TV

Director Jose Enriques, Termite and Cindy Watkins

Boomer Connection TV

Judy Blake (Family to Family Network), Producer Earl Heard and host Lori Farris

Boomer Connection TV

Marianne LaSalle (Boomer Influencer), John Hofmeister (Past President of Shell Oil), Earl Heard, Dan Bawden, Lori Farris, Dr. Paul Looney