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BIC Media Solutions set for eventful, successful 2017

BIC Media Solutions 2017 update

More books, films, events and speaker’s bureau additions planned for this year

BIC Media Solutions has had a successful and exciting 2016, launching new books, events, films and a speakers bureau. In June 2016, BIC Media Solutions released its latest book, “Rock Bottom and Back — From Desperation to Inspiration.” Written by New York Times bestselling author Susan Mustafa with Earl Heard, “Rock Bottom and BackTM” depicts the incredible lives of 22 people who hit rock bottom and then came back from profound despair to help others in extraordinary ways. Featuring celebrities as well as ordinary people, “Rock Bottom and Back” reveals the tragedy of reaching bottom through loss, trauma, alcoholism, and drug, sex or gambling addictions. This compilation offers hope to those who have hit bottom and is a roadmap to wellness, redemption and — ultimately — a successful life.

bookdvdbundleA companion DVD — narrated by actor Danny Trejo and co-produced by BIC Media Solutions, Mission Media Films and YASNY Entertainment — was also released last year. This DVD features interviews with Jerry Strickland, Whitney Strickland, Tonja Myles, Stanley Roberts, David Bottner and Billy Rivers, whose stories are also highlighted in the book.

Following the release of the book and DVD, BIC Media Solutions’ “Rock Bottom and Back” hit the road with private screenings and book signings to support the charities and organizations highlighted in the project. The first stop in the film’s premiere tour took place in New Orleans to support The New Orleans Mission. The tour continued to Pasadena, Texas, to sup- port The Wheelhouse, a bare-bones living environment that offers help to men with drug or alcohol addictions.

To coincide with the release of “Rock Bottom and Back,” BIC Media Solutions launched its own energy, management, sales and motivational speakers bureau and events featuring celebrities as well as ordinary people. Among other energy and management topics they address, these speakers provide inspiration and hope by illustrating recovery and success are possible through living in service to others.
BIC Media Solutions’ speakers bureau already includes Billy Arcement, Shawn Galloway, Brian Horner, Tonja Myles, Billy Rivers, Maurice “Termite” Watkins and Dr. Shirley White. The speaker’s bureau also consists of BIC Alliance and BIC Media Solutions Founder and CEO Earl Heard, who is also conducting several speaking engagements of his own. Heard recently spoke at the 117th Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet in Texas.

What’s ahead for BIC Media Solutions

BIC Media Solutions has several projects already underway for 2017. For example, more speakers are expected to be added to its speaker’s bureau this year. BIC Media Solutions is also continuing the pro- motion and distribution of “Rock Bottom and Back.” The DVD and book are now available for purchase through websites such as and www.rock Other organizations have recently agreed to add “Rock Bottom and Back” to their catalogs, including

Following the success of “A Gift Horse” in 2015 and “Rock Bottom and Back,” BIC Media Solutions is currently in pre-pro- duction of its next film, “Urban Country.” The film is centered around a young, troubled, inner-city girl named Faith, who is put in a juvenile detention center. She is then reunited with her mother, who takes Faith in to live on her farm. Faith discovers her mother is sick and she is in danger of losing her home. Faith must figure out a way to save the family farm.

BIC Media Solutions is also publishing a new book in 2017. It is currently working with TDS Inc. and Launchpad Writing + Research to put together this book, which will discuss training and leadership in the energy industry.

BIC Media Solutions is continuing to take part in several events this year as well. It is a sponsor of the upcoming Light Up The Hills Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, which will be held July 6-9. Light Up the Hills provides daily Christian worship and entertainment events, as well as plenty of time to enjoy motorcycle rides on routes identified by skill level and scenic experience. Rally attendees can ride on their own motorcycles or with Christian motorcycle clubs to experience fellowship and worship in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

For more information about BIC Media Solutions’ books, films, speakers bureau or events, visit, email earl or call (800) 460-4242.

  1. screenshot-2017-01-07-11-37-13BIC Media Solutions and BIC Alliance are working with TDS Inc. and Launchpad Writing + Research to publish a new training and leadership book to be released in 2017. Celebrating this partnership are, from left, Tom Derrah of BIC Alliance, Barry Hardy of TDS, Ted Moon of Launchpad Writing + Research and Paul Monaghan of TDS.




    2. screenshot-2017-01-07-11-37-20BIC Media Solutions is proud to sponsor the Light Up The Hills Rally to be held in Sturgis, South Dakota, in July. From left are Earl Heard of BIC Media Solutions, Dane Brinsko, Julie Harver, Mary Brinsko, and Q.D. Hix and Quinn Peterson of the Fellowship of Motorcycle Ministries.




    screenshot-2017-01-07-11-37-323. Following the success of “A Gift Horse” in 2015 and “Rock Bottom and BackTM” in 2016, BIC Media Solutions is producing its next film, “Urban Country,” in 2017. Gianna Montelaro, left, screenwriter of “Urban Country,” and Earl Heard of BIC Media Solutions visit to discuss the production of the film.



    screenshot-2017-01-07-11-37-374.  In 2016, “Rock Bottom and Back — From Desperation to Inspiration” hit the road with private screenings and book signings to support the charities and organizations highlighted in the project. Signing books during a premiere of “Rock Bottom and BackTM” in Pasadena, Texas, are, from left, Whitney Strickland, Jerry Strickland, Billy Rivers and Maurice “Termite” Watkins.