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BIC Media Solutions’ mission: Produce and share great stories

I’m proud to say on April 1, BIC Magazine celebrated its 33rd anniver- sary. Kudos to everyone who has been involved with its success, and thank you for your continued support. In every issue of BIC, hundreds of great stories are told and shared about companies, the indi- viduals belonging to them, and the latest news and trends occurring in our industry. BIC Magazine still carries on this tradi- tion of sharing great stories and lessons learned, but now BIC Media Solutions — the media investment, entertainment and custom book publishing division of BIC Alliance — is also leading the way, sharing new and inspirational stories of its own.

Screenshot 2017-04-11 22.16.08I started BIC Media Solutions in 2005 as a way to connect investors, filmmakers and publishers for funding, co-producing and marketing inspirational and family-friendly media, including films, documentaries, TV, books and events.With our latest book and DVD, “Rock Bottom and Back — From Desperation to Inspiration,” BIC Media Solutions created a project that offers hope to those who have hit bottom or could be on their way there and a roadmap to wellness, redemption and ultimately a successful life. Featuring celebrities as well as ordinary people, our “Rock Bottom and BackTM” book and DVD reveal the tragedy of reaching bottom through loss; trauma; alcoholism; and drug, sex and gambling addictions. We are currently in the midst of possibly expanding the distributorship of “Rock Bottom and Back” so it will be available to millions of people all over the globe.

Another exciting aspect of BIC Media Solutions is we launched our own energy, management, sales, and motivational speakers bureau and events, which feature the “who’s who” in industry and many of those who are also in “Rock Bottom and Back.” BIC Media Solutions’ speakers bureau already includes several speakers who are connecting with and inspiring audiences. In addition to addressing energy and management topics, these speakers provide inspiration and hope by illustrating recovery and success are possible through living in service to others. BIC Media Solutions plans to add several more speakers throughout 2017. To view a full list of our speakers, visit

I’ve also been busy with speaking engagements of my own. First, I served as the keynote speaker at the 117th Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet. And hopefully you caught my presentation last month at BIC Alliance’s 10th Annual Industry Appreciation Crawfish Boil. With networking and leadership being two topics I’m passionate about, I’ll continue sharing my lessons learned and best practices. I enjoy speaking on how powerful networking and leadership can be if used correctly.

Following the success of “A Gift Horse” in 2015 and “Rock Bottom and Back” in 2016, BIC Media Solutions is currently preparing for its next inspirational and family-friendly film, “Urban Country.” The film is centered around a young, troubled, inner-city girl named Faith, who is put in a juvenile detention center. She is then reunited with her mother, who takes Faith in, to live on her farm. Faith discovers her mother is sick and only has a short time to live. “Urban Country” will be a movie about redemption and rebuilding relationships.

Lastly, I encourage you to remember “Every Great Story Needs Sharing” because it may help change or even save a life! In the fast-paced, media-driven world we live in, stories are a great way to remind children and adults our spoken and written words are very powerful and that listening and clear communications are not only an art but also will help us find greater peace, happiness and success in our personal and professional lives. Please join us in sharing BIC Magazine with others in your company and using our books and films to enhance lives and build stronger relationships. If you or someone you know would like to share a story or lesson learned in BIC Magazine, a book, film or video, please give us a call.

For more information about BIC Media Solutions’ books, films, speakers bureau or events, visit, email earl or call (800) 460-4242. •