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BIC Media and Sailing Angels Salute to our Heroes and First Responders – Recognition Cruise Highlights from Kemah Boardwalk Event

Today was a wonderful day for saluting our Veterans & First Responders past and present & their families!  Mary and I along with our families have a special place in our heart for our Veterans and their families. Our Fathers served and many of our family and friends are Veterans. Let us always salute our Veterans & First Responders , The Cajun Navy, their families , our flag and our beloved country!
 Thanks again to our Fellow BICSTERS, Media and Marketing Partners,  The Sailing Angels , Kemah Boardwalk and everyone involved in our “ Salute to Heroes Cruise” and may God bless you, your family and your endeavors! Let’s hope today is the beginning
of an annual BMS & Sailing Angels “ Salute to Heroes Cruise”!