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BIC Alliance 35th Anniversary 2019

In 1984, BIC Alliance was founded with the mission to connect people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all. As BIC

Alliance celebrates 35 years of magazine publishing, the team would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal readers, staff and marketing partners whose support have made this milestone possible and share in its success.

BIC Magazine

BIC Alliance’s Business & Industry Connection (BIC) Magazine, published 10 times a year, delivers the messages of energy-related companies and leading industrial service companies to a national and international audience. Through all media including print, digital and industry events, BIC reaches an audience of approx- imately 86,000 readers monthly and is continuing to grow. BIC’s readers include mid- and upper-level managers and exec- utives in the heavy process industries, including ref ining/petrochemical, drilling and exploration, pipeline, marine, termi- nal, pulp and paper, power generation and heavy construction. Departments in the publication cover industry concerns such as safety, maintenance, purchasing and the environment. BIC is also featured online in its entirety and accessed worldwide.

BIC’s horizontal format gives it an advantage over other energy publications’ vertical approach. BIC Magazine serves a wider variety of sectors and departments than other energy magazines. BIC’s unique format features not only the latest news and trends but also marketing campaigns that include ads, ongoing editorial and access to databases.

BIC Alliance participates in more than 40 trade shows and conferences each year, delivering its message to a broader audi- ence. The company also holds annual net- working events attended by the “who’s who” in industry, affording industrial suppliers and buyers an opportunity to visit with their peers and exchange ideas, referrals and business cards.

BIC works closely with the National Institute for Storage Tank Management, Fluid Sealing Association, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, Associated Builders and Contractors, the Louisiana Chemical Association, the Texas Chemical Council and others, which all use BIC as their third-party newsletter to share their messag- es with BIC members, owner companies, and state and federal governments through ongoing columns. BIC’s readers and mem- bers also provide a wealth of industry information each issue, focusing on best practices, safety, trends, challenges and more. BIC Magazine remains America’s largest multi-industry, multidepartment magazine, and BIC Alliance will continue in its commitment to help business and industry leaders communicate with one another both through the pages of BIC and through the company’s other divisions.

BIC Alliance recently launched an updated website for BIC Magazine. The new and improved continues to keep readers updated daily on the indus- try’s top news and provides enhanced online access to the content of BIC Magazine.

The updated site is designed to highlight the “who’s who” in business and industry. A visit to the home page puts the user a click away from valuable information on person- nel moves, perspectives from top executives and photos from key industry events.

BIC Alliance continues to invest in BIC, distributing an e-newsletter to complement the print and digital versions. The online publication also offers “search” and “share” features. Users also find valu- able industry resources at their disposal. The site has dedicated areas for informational white papers, videos and industry webinars. Job seekers will find links to the top industry positions available on

The updated site has been designed for easy navigation. It features a menu where users can find content related to specific industry segments and departments. A spe- cial “expansions” section provides news on upcoming projects in the upstream, mid-stream and downstream sectors.

BIC Alliance has further expanded its digital offerings and revamped the websites of BIC Recruiting, IVS Investment Banking and BIC Media Solutions. The new BIC Recruiting website contains portals for both employers and candidates and features job listings, informative articles with hiring and job search tips, and other helpful resourc- es. The IVS Investment Banking and BIC Media Solutions sites provide information on investment banking, media partnerships, custom book publishing, keynote presenta- tions and more.

BIC also offers more digital industry resources, including white papers, webinars and a variety of videos. BIC is now conduct- ing video interviews with top industry per- sonnel and service companies and sharing those videos through BIC and social media.

BIC Alliance encourages readers to subscribe to the BIC Magazine e-newsletter and follow BIC Magazine on LinkedIn and Twitter.

IVS Investment Banking

IVS Investment Banking specializes in M&A consulting, linking buyers and sell- ers, connecting investors to opportunities, business valuations and recapitalization. Through deep and wide relationships with strategic buyers and intimate knowledge and history with private equity groups working in the industrial space, IVS is able to run a “dual path” when representing sellers, max- imizing value for its clients.

Since 2008, IVS has completed 18 trans- actions that total more than $425 mil- lion. When IVS helped sell a company for the first time in 1997 (the acquisition of AllService Inc. by Total Safety), BIC Alliance set itself apart from every publish- er in the energy, construction and environ- mental industries and opened up a new ave- nue for individuals in business and industry to buy or sell their companies. In 2007, John Zapalac joined IVS Investment Banking as a managing partner.

A more recent example of IVS Investment Banking’s work involved the successful acquisition of Petrochem Services Group (PSG) by Thompson Industrial Services. With the addition of PSG’s specialized tank cleaning and vapor control to its portfolio of industrial cleaning services, Thompson stra- tegically positioned itself as a single-source provider for the petrochemical market in Houston and the Gulf Coast.

IVS Investment Banking offers complete investment banking services to assist in buying, selling or growing companies. No other investment banking group in the ener- gy market has IVS Investment Banking’s broad and deep access to a range of both strategic and financial investors.

BIC Recruiting

BIC Recruiting places sales manage- ment, operations management and C-level executives in the energy market. Its exten- sive network of more than 30,000 contacts and access to BIC Magazine’s database and

network allow the division’s recruiters to find the best candidate for your position; in fact, more than half of BIC Recruiting’s placements come from direct referrals. This is a major differentiating factor in BIC Recruiting’s services.

BIC Recruiting’s services include exhaustive nationwide searches to locate prospects, regular updates on the search process, background checks and drug screening tests, a 90-day guarantee and post-placement follow-up.

Hazel Kassu joined BIC Alliance in 2010 to help develop BIC Recruiting and now serves as president of recruiting. She brings more than 20 years of executive search and recruiting experience placing candidates in sales management, operations management, information technology, engi- neering and administrative fields. She also has experience in human resources manage- ment and marketing management.

BIC Recruiting enjoyed a revenue growth of 25 percent in the most recent years of 2016-2018. The division contin- ually places more successful A-level can- didates into its clients’ hard-to-f ill roles each year.

Kassu and her team continue to expand the recruiting division and have set goals to reach new heights. BIC Recruiting encourages those interested in making a career change or growing their team to visit regularly.

BIC Media Solutions

Incorporated to produce faith-based and family-friendly content, BIC Media Solutions has published almost a dozen books and produced several TV shows and f ilms.

Since 2014, BIC Media has co-produced several films, including “A Gift Horse,” “Rock Bottom and BackTM” and its newest film, “Urban Country.”

BIC Media is also making great strides with two new video series: “The Power of Networking” and “Champions of Christian Networking.”

BIC Media plans to re-release “It’s What We Do Together That Counts: The BIC Alliance Story” in celebration of BIC Alliance’s 35th anniversary. BIC Media has also relaunched its popular “Leisure Connection” magazine, this time as a new regional TV series that showcases the best in lifestyle experiences, locations and events.

BIC Media and BIC Alliance remain committed to community and giving back. BIC Alliance, in partnership with the Sailing Angels Foundation, recently held a Heroes Recognition Cruise in Kemah, Texas, to celebrate and remember veterans, first responders and wounded warriors.

Be a part of BIC Alliance

BIC Alliance looks forward to continu- ing its partnerships into the future as well as welcoming new members as partners in the years to come.

For more information on how to put BIC Alliance’s experience to work for you, please contact Earl Heard, Jeremy Osterberger or Thomas Brinsko at (281) 538-9996, or visit