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Amazon Top 100 Authors – we made it!

Earl Heard, Founder/CEO of BIC Media Solutions, who has authored 15 books has recently attained Bestseller status, selected as a Top 100 Books to Read on Amazon in the Biography of Business Professionals category. His latest revised edition of It’s What We Do Together That Counts – the BIC Alliance Story celebrates 35 years in business with stories from Earl of his failures and successes and his journey as an entrepreneur in the energy sector. Being the public speaker and sales trainer that he is, Earl shares tricks of the trade in becoming a successful business person. Tips for us all to learn and know.

Blessings to God and everyone who helped on this exciting and meaningful promotional push to get us to #74. Onward and upward to #1! Please promote the book to your friends and family – available on in paperback, ebook (Kindle) or Please consider leaving an Amazon review when visiting the link above.