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Accomplished Entrepreneur Shares Secrets To Business Success

 It’s What We Do Together That Counts – The BIC Alliance Story

League City, Texas, October 30, 2019 — Earl B. Heard is living proof that faith can triumph over adversity. The successful entrepreneur and faith-based movie producer began at rock bottom before building a life that brought him genuine fulfillment. 

Thirty-five years ago, he founded BIC Alliance, one of the nation’s largest multi-industrial, multi-departmental strategic marketing firms and publisher of Business and Industry Connection (BIC) Magazine. Heard’s rise up the business ladder came with faith, good old-fashioned hard work and kindness toward others. He shares his remarkable insights, gleaned throughout decades of professional and personal ups and downs, in the re-release of his inspirational book, It’s What We Do Together That Counts – The BIC Alliance Story.

The updated edition of his book includes 11 Earl’s Pearls of Wisdom; 100 tips for achieving peace, happiness and success; plus Success Secrets from the Experts.  

It's What We Do Together That Counts - THE BIC ALLIANCE STORy available now on on Amazon books,, Kindle, and Audible.

Readers will learn by Heard’s example how to overcome challenges and realize their own goals; how to inspire others by example; how to lead with empathy and understanding; and how to put God first. 

Heard’s story is a testament to one man’s enduring faith in God, himself and mankind. Drawing upon 63 years of life experiences, Heard proves through his words and actions that any form of adversity can be overcome through faith, perseverance and kindness.

Author Earl B. Heard is the CEO and Founder of BIC Alliance, which publishes BIC Magazine, North America’s largest multi-industry, multi-departmental energy and construction publication. He has 40-plus years’ combined experience in industry and marketing, having served as an industrial training manager and buyer for Ethyl Corp. in Baton Rouge, La., before founding BIC Alliance in 1984. Having spent the past 30 years helping grow industrial service companies through marketing and training consultation, mergers and acquisitions and executive recruiting, Heard has a wide range of contacts in petrochemical, refining, construction, environmental and other sectors. He founded BIC Media Solutions in 2005.

In his role as an ambassador, Heard is active in helping BIC Alliance marketing partners and readers of BIC Magazine and hopefully others find greater faith, hope, peace, happiness and success through BIC Media Solutions, where we fund and co-produce meaningful media and events. These activities include funding, co-producing and promoting inspirational, entertaining, and faith/family-friendly books, movies, TV shows, a speakers bureau and events that help enhance lives and create better relationships at home, work and in our community.

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It’s What We Do Together That Counts – The BIC Alliance Story

Publisher: BIC Media Solutions

Release Date: October 1, 2019

ISBN: 0-9768310-0-7

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