Corporate Team

Earl Heard

Founder & CEO
BIC Media Solutions

Heard is the CEO and Founder of BIC Alliance, which publishes BIC Magazine — North America’s largest multi-industry, multidepartmental energy and construction publication. He has 40-plus years’ combined experience in industry and marketing, having served as an industrial training manager and buyer for Ethyl Corp. in Baton Rouge, La., before founding BIC Alliance in 1984. Having spent the past 30 years helping grow industrial service companies through marketing and training consultation, mergers and acquisitions and executive recruiting, Heard has a wide range of contacts in petrochemical, refining, construction, environmental and other sectors. He founded BIC Media Solutions in 2005.

In his role as an ambassador, Earl is active in helping BIC Alliance marketing partners and readers of BIC Magazine and hopefully others find greater faith, hope, peace, happiness and success through BIC Media Solutions where we fund and co-produce meaningful media and events. These activities include funding, co-producing and promoting inspirational, entertaining, and faith/ family-friendly books, movies, TV shows, a speakers bureau and events that help enhance lives and create better relationships at home, work and in our community.

John Zapalac

Managing Director
BIC/IVS Investment Banking

Zapalac joined IVS Investment Banking in January 2007 as Managing Director. He is responsible for originating, processing and ultimately closing investment banking assignments. Zapalac has been involved in the investment banking industry since 1994, primarily working on middle-market leveraged buyout transactions. Prior to joining IVS Investment Banking, he was a vice president at McFarland, Grossman & Co., an investment bank located in Houston.

His past work experience also includes working as a portfolio manager for BHF Capital, overseeing a $750 million debt fund that invested in senior bank debt of leveraged buyouts and add-on acquisitions; Ryan, Beck & Co., analyzing commercial bank mergers; and an internship for Trivest Inc., a $250-plus million leveraged buyout fund, analyzing private equity leveraged buyout opportunities. Zapalac received a bachelor’s degree in finance from Texas A&M University and a degree in corporate finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University and graduated from Citibank’s School of Banking.

Mark Peters

Director of Strategic Planning
BIC Alliance

Mark has an extensive 30 years of publishing related experience, as the former Vice President and Group Publisher at PennWell Corporation, a business-to-business publisher, Mark was responsible for Oil & Gas Financial JournalOffshore and seven global conferences in the oil and gas industry.  He was also the publisher of Hydrocarbon Processing and Pipe Line & Gas Industry,  and Director of International Sales for Hydrocarbon ProcessingWorld Oil and Composite Catalog, Mark is well positioned to lead BIC Alliance’s marketing partners in developing effective and successful marketing and branding campaigns in BIC Magazine, and incorporating the services of BIC Media Solutions to best reach their target audience.

He is a frequent speaker addressing oil and gas industry issues at seminars, conferences and users groups. His extensive travel schedule includes attendance at the major oil and gas meetings around the world.  A member of the BMA and the Houston Chapter of the GPA he holds a BA degree in psychology from Brown University.  Mark currently resides and works out of the BIC offices in League City, TX.